With this water bottle, I don't need an alarm clock when I drink water every day! And every time I drink water, it is up to the standard!


Are you troubled by how much water you need to drink each day? Have you set countless alarms because of what time of day you drink water? This water bottle can help you solve these problems perfectly.

This water bottle is made of PC material, which is safe, non-toxic and wear-resistant. There are no labels on the ordinary water bottle, but there are many labels on the bottle of this water bottle, reminding you when to drink water and how much water to drink anytime, anywhere.

Ordinary water cups can hold very little water, and it needs to be filled 2-3 times a day to get enough water for a day. But this water bottle can hold 2 liters of water, and it only needs to be filled once a day.

Ordinary water glasses need to open the lid to drink water, and also need to pick up the water glass to drink water. But this water bottle has a special straw, which not only allows you to drink water without picking up the water bottle, but also has a push-to-open button on the top of the bottle, allowing you to drink water easily without opening the lid! The material of the straw is also PC material, which is safe and non-toxic!

Ordinary water cups are inconvenient to carry when going out, and the water storage capacity is not enough to deal with the water consumption of a day. But this water bottle has a special handle, which is more convenient to carry! At the same time, the water storage capacity of 2 liters is enough to deal with the amount of water you drink for a day!

Regular drinking glasses are expensive and don't include so many features, this one is cheap and you can have all the features mentioned above.
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Don't spend a lot of money on products that don't work. This water bottle is an affordable product that you can incorporate into your everyday life, and best of all, it's the most affordable.

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